Beats and Elements presents

Livestream: High Rise eState Of Mind

This is an online stream of a live performance taking place on the HOME stage.

We all need homes……..
it needs to be fair
We all need safe, clean homes
it needs to be fair
We all need to be housed

A stunning new show from the makers of No Milk For FoxesDenMarked and BAC Beatbox Academy’s Frankenstein exposing young people’s fears of where they will live, will they ever afford to live somewhere clean and safe, and is a home just a modern day pipe dream for many? Is it a fair race or is the system fundamentally f****d?

With banging tunes, humour and wisdom, High Rise eState of Mind tells difficult to swallow truths through a dystopian lens, using grime, beat boxing, hip hop, live looping and MCing. It’s a fast paced, urban story about class and housing, frustrations, inequalities and the pointlessness of it all at times.

This show features performer/beatboxer Conrad Murray, spoken word author Paul Cree, rapper Gambit Ace, and spoken word artist Lakeisha Lynch Steven (AKA grime MC Lady KI KI.)

Conrad is the Artistic Director of the BAC Beatbox Academy, which is Battersea Arts Centre’s home-grown young collective. They recently sold out at Edinburgh Fringe, at the Traverse, and were the number high rated show of the fringe.

They have performed all over the country from Latitude Festival to The Royal Festival Hall and have appeared on Gareth Malone’s The Choir. Current members are ranked within the top 10 beat boxers in the UK.

A gritty and realistic take on the housing crisis and how it affects us all, all told through song, spoken word and beatboxing. Perfect
* * * * – Everything Theatre

Beats & Elements production soars to great heights
* * * * – Morning Star

Banging tunes, amazing performances, and important stories that need to be heard. I loved it. Do NOT miss it
* * * * * – Stage Door

In the best tradition of storytelling and community-building, this is a true feast of talent, candour, humour, wisdom, imagination, empathy. You will leave the theatre both touched and elevated
– Theatre Times

The show will be livestreamed on Wed 18 Nov. You can book in to watch a repeat of this performance on Thu 19 Nov.

  • Warning: This show contains flashing lights
  • Running time: 70 minutes
  • Age guidance: 12+

Tickets are available on a pay-what-you-decide basis. The suggested price is £10 but you can also stream this show for free or choose to pay £5 or £20.

If you’d like to support HOME by making a larger donation, you can make a donation here.