The Shout in

Lip is a show about what you tell your friends about your love life and how they react.
16 people are gathered in a bar. Songs are sung and drink is drunk. Songs about love of all kinds – an old man caring for his wife after she had a stroke, a boy smitten by a crush in a sweet shop, housework, the messages on a packet of love hearts….
The Shout is a choir of diverse voices and fantastically talented individuals. It has been called a ‘vocal big band’, a ‘club choir’, a ‘vocal stomp’, a ‘dangerous choir’, a ‘ choir of Babel’, a ‘choral phenomenon’. They do things you’d expect a choir to do.
Taking musical inspiration from Albania and Cameroon using improvisation, a version of Moonglow which sounds like the Andrew Sisters rewritten by Prokofiev… expect an extraordinary night at the theatre.