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Letters to Morrissey

It’s 1997. You’re 11. You’re sad, lonely and scared of doing anything that could get you singled out by the hopeless, angry people in your home town.

One day you see a man on telly. He’s mumbling, yet electrifying. He sings: “I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does.”

This guy gets it.

You become obsessed with him. Later, when you need someone, you write to him. A lot.

It’s 2017. You find those letters and ask yourself: “Has the world changed, or have I changed?”

Created by Gary McNair and Gareth Nicholls, returning to HOME after their award-winning sell-out show A Gambler’s Guide to Dying, Letters to Morrissey is about confronting the worst thing you’ve done – and hoping that you can still be good person.