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Archaeologist Nuala unearths a skeleton and her ordered life starts to unravel. Digging into the mystery of the bones, can she handle the chaos of what she discovers?

Based on personal experience, Ladybones is an uplifting and compelling story about OCD, dungarees and being weird but not a weirdo.
Written and performed by Sorcha McCaffrey and directed by award-winning director Lucia Cox, Ladybones comes to HOME following a successful run at Edinburgh Fringe.

“I very much appreciated the audience participation throughout Ladybones. On arriving, audiences were given pink stickers if they wanted to participate – this is the first time I’ve been presented with the option, and I really appreciated it. It’s certainly something I’d like to see adopted more often… The play was sharp and funny… Certainly worth a watch.” – LGBTQ Arts Review

“The richness of Sorcha McCaffrey’s writing, alongside her carefully controlled performance, give her work real depth… Powerfully delivered, Ladybones is an insightful and uplifting portrait of someone who is so much more than just three big letters.”- Circles & Stalls

★★★★★ “Elicits such immense joy and such immense sorrow, and no watcher will be the same afterwards.” – Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

★★★★★ “original and riveting theatre” – The Feminist Fringe

★★★★★ “Outstanding. It’s hilarious, emotional, compassionate, and an absolute riot.” – Young Perspective

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