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La Mélancolie Des Dragons

International hit La Mélancolie des Dragons comes to us for its UK premiere. The poetic and playful story of a band of long-haired metalheads on a quest to build a hard-rock amusement park, La Mélancolie des Dragons is a breathtaking blend of theatre and visual art from our 2015 international guest artist, Philippe Quesne, the artistic director of Nanterre-Amandiers Theatre in Paris. Featuring a car, classic rock, medieval recorders and a snowy stage, it’s a visually stunning mix of imagination, music, and charming (and undeniably French) humour.

“Both avant-garde and accessibly entertaining at the same time… unusual certainly, with lovely performances from the eight-strong cast.” – British Theatre Guide

“Expertly directed by Philippe Quesne… A piece of multi-media, boundary-breaking theatre of which [Nanterre-Amandiers Theatre] should be justly very proud. Bravo à vous tous et bis bis bis!!” – North West End

“As amusing as anything you might have seen on stage… A play worth watching.” – The Manchester Review

“Something extraordinary and special. I’d encourage you to go see it, but it’s done now. Which does feel like a massive shame.  I’d have happily gone again” – Postcards From the Gods

“Any show that is able to hold an audience for the first 20 minutes through visuals and background music alone is a marvel… The cast work together seamlessly.” – Mancunion

“A great, humorous and deeply human touching work.” – Der Standard, Vienna

“One of the most poignant theatrical works I’ve witnessed.” – Village Voice

Listen to what audiences have been saying about La Mélancolie des Dragons so far…

Hear more about La Mélancolie des Dragons from our Artistic Director: Film, Walter Meierjohann:

New York on Quesne’s L’Effet de Serge  Nanterre-Amandiers, centre dramatique national is supported by institut Français for its international tours.

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Event details

After the performance on Thu 1 Oct, please join us for our post-show panel discussion. The panel will include the show’s director Philippe Quesne (Artisitc Director of Nanterre-Amandiers Theatre in Paris) Professor Deirdre Reynolds (French Studies, University of Manchester), Dr Anirudha Dhanawade (Art History and Visual Studies, University of Manchester) and Walter Meierjohann (HOME’s Artistic Director of Theatre).

Presented in association with CIDRAL, University of Manchester, with Francesca Billiani as chair.