Kourtney Kardashian is a love/hate letter to outrageous luxury and artistic genius and also the joyous, dreadful punchline to a joke that’s worn so thin that you can see right through to what’s on the other side of it…

With an orchestra of laptops and a multispeaker sound system chorus, Kourtney Kardashian plays around the rules and conventions of classical opera.

Explore high art and celebrity and our increasingly tenuous grip on reality in the 21st century.

Sleepwalk Collective is an award winning live art and experimental theatre company creating fragile, nocturnal performances between the UK and Spain.

★★★★ “Visually and aurally, it’s mesmerising… The mood is strange, entrancing and, indeed, somehow operatic… Few theatre-makers capture the vertiginous thrill and terror of contemporary existence as captivatingly as Sleepwalk Collective.” – The Guardian

“I definitely quite like Kourtney Kardashian… A dreamy and delightful experience with such potent and dangerous mind-bending powers that, by the time the proverbial fat lady sings, I’ve totally forgotten what the question was.” – The Greater Manchester Reviewer

“Looks and sounds gorgeous… A coolly elegant discourse on opera and our modern value system” – Live Art Alive

“A gold lit, smoky collision of all the unnatural things that make up reality, or fantasy, in 2019… Kourtney Kardashian looks a lot like smoke and mirrors but in fact is relevant and responsive to the car crash we are living in.” – Performance in Motion

“Bold and vivacious… The language was beautiful, like watching living poetry… Never has a play felt more like a dream land.” – Mancunion

“You [come] out of HOME’s studio completely dazed and bewildered like you’ve just come out of a hypnotic trance… Fragile, fragmented, and dreamy… This is the kind of performance which takes a while to process after watching it, but it’s this that leaves you thirsty for more. [Sleepwalk Collective] are at the top of their game.” – Reviewer Number 9

“A fun, brave work that should be commended for trying something different… It won’t be to everyone’s taste [but] it does offer up something fresh and unique, and certainly encourages discussion, which can only be a good thing.” – The Reviews Hub

Kourtney Kardashian won’t be for everyone – I’m not even sure it’s for me. But it’s brilliant.” Exeunt

“A compelling piece of live art… An absorbing piece of experimental performance… Obnoxious and charming all at the same time.” – Miro magazine

“A bold and beautiful new theatre for a brave new world” – Total Theatre Magazine (on Domestica, 2016)

Want to know more about Sleepwalk Collective?

  • Running time: 65mins (no interval)
  • Suitable for 12yrs+
  • The show features smoke/haze and some strong language
  • £12.50 full / £5 – £10.50 concs.