JB Shorts

JB Shorts

Now firmly established as one of the hottest tickets on the Manchester theatre scene, JB Shorts returns with another delicious evening of four, bitesize, fifteen minute plays, by some of Manchester’s top comedy and drama writers; Justin Moorhouse, Jane McNulty and David Isaac plus a collaboration from JB regulars, Peter Kerry & James Quinn.

A Great War
By Peter Kerry & James Quinn
Directed by Chris Honer
August 1914 – and it’s war! How will ‘Steam News’ cope with the triumphs and disasters?

Leaky Bacon
By Justin Moorhouse
Directed by Rupert Hill & Justin Moorhouse
Life’s a conveyor belt of imperfect meat products. If you don’t get squeezed, you’ll never know.

A Hairline Crack
By Jane McNulty
Directed by Paul Blinkhorn
A story of power, betrayal…and teapots.

Paradise Island
By David Isaacs
Directed by Justine Potter
A detailed yet anarchic analysis of government immigration policy.

“JB Shorts deserves credit for having re-established the revue format in Manchester.”
The Guardian

“It’s fun, it’s energised, it’s patchy and it’s well patronised. All is as it should be at Manchester’s ninth annual Re:play Festival. Re:play offers a stimulating encounter between stage and audience – one carried into and extended beyond the post-show bar. A good, mixed-bag format.”
The Observer

“Shows the range of pieces you can expect at a JB Shorts performance. I certainly hope this run at Re:play introduces more people to the wonder of JB Shorts, and the wealth of quality Fringe theatre in Manchester and beyond.”
The Good Review

“Re:play has returned to serve up seconds of 2014’s most delicious pieces of fringe theatre and, with the four course banquet of JB Shorts on the menu, how could I resist? Full and satisfied from the smorgasbord of theatre, it’s obvious to me why JB appears on the Re:play bill: because variety is the spice of life.”
Now Then Manchester

“Performances throughout were thoroughly engaging, with some effective and tightly structured pieces. The keyword here being ‘diversity’ in the range of plays on offer. A unique opportunity.”
TheatreWorld Internet magazine



  • Contains strong language and adult themes

Buy a ticket for one production and see another for half price (excludes The Tongue Twister).