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I’m a Phoenix, Bitch

Following a critically acclaimed twice extended run at Battersea Arts Centre, Bryony Kimmings’ I’m a Phoenix, Bitch comes to HOME.

Combining personal stories with epic film, soundscapes and ethereal music, Bryony creates a powerful, dark and joyful work about motherhood, heartbreak and finding inner strength. A mythical legend performed straight from a heart still pulsing with pain.

Ever sunk so deep you felt like you might never make it up for air?

In 2016, Bryony nearly drowned. Post-natal breakdowns, an imploding relationship and an extremely sick child left her sitting beneath the waves hoping she could slowly turn to shell.

Two years later and she is able to deal with life again, but wears the scars of that year like a dark and heavy cloak. Who do we become after trauma? How do we turn pain into power? How do we fly instead of drown?

We will need new myths to survive the end of existence as we know it. Tonight a new legend will be created; that of the invincible and fearless woman; a tale Bryony wishes she had known from birth.

★★★★★ “Bryony Kimmings’ deeply personal show is an exhilarating ride via pop video, horror movie, art installation and therapy session… A double inspiration and a testimony both to human resilience and the healing properties of art.” – The Guardian

★★★★★ “A 90-minute declaration of one woman’s innermost demons, both terrifying, analytical and perfectly crafted… Steeped in honesty and made with impeccable skill… A glorious piece of theatre that demands to be seen.” – The List

★★★★ “Imagine a metaphysical glitter cannon of trauma being fired straight at your chest.” – Time Out

★★★★ “Bryony Kimmings charts her return from the edge in a distressing one-woman show on trauma that hurts more than it heals… An overwhelming experience.” – The Stage (behind paywall)

★★★★ “Therapy on a grand scale… Brutally honest… Therapeutic for everyone involved, including the audience… Mental illness affects one in six people in the UK, and this show is an important addition to understanding how we cope with trauma.” – The Reviews Hub

★★★★ “Kimmings’ on-stage persona, as well as the tightly written and edited script, are full of a life-affirming humour that makes I’m a Phoenix a real joy to watch… More of this please.” – What’s On Stage

“A stunning show that looks inward to thrust outwards… Astounding.” – Exeunt  

Co-commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre, Arts Centre Melbourne, Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts and supported by Latitude Festival. In association with Avalon.

Financially supported by Arts Council England.

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