a LipService Production

Following their hit shows The Importance of Being Earnest,Women on the Verger, and Withering Looks, LipService return in an epic tale of togas and taramasalata…

When Paris nicked off with Helen, who would have dreamed of all the fuss that was to follow. A cast of three actors, with a little help from the audience, re-create the legend.

Meet Agamemnon, Menelaus, Philoctetes, and a host of other unpronounceable characters. But perhaps less familiar will be Ajax, he of the very white toga and his brothers Vim and Jif.

Projected above the action on a satellite link-up are the Gods, Zeus and his forgetful secretary Analgesia.
The audience are variously the Greek and Trojan armies, the Gods, the Chorus and are asked to assist in the launching of a thousand ships.

There are also handy hints – how to lace your sandals to stop them flopping down your leg, how to keep your toga crease free, and how to explain in a tactful way that in a hot-headed moment you’ve slain your wife’s family.