Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marrionettes

Happy, the newest creation from Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionattes, introduces us to the engaging title character, a “happy -go-lucky” veteran and pensioner who wanders through episodes of grief in other people’s lives. Writer and performer Ronnie Burkett examines the impactm of cataclysmic sorrow in human existance and the on-going discussion of wheather happiness is the lucky domain of a select few or the result of consistant struggle and striving beyond the layers of human dispair.
Tandem to the storyline presented by the character of HAPPY is the “grief vaudeville” of Antoine Marionette, a campy, otherworldly master of ceremonies. Within this glittering silver realm, “the grey area of life”, are arch presentations of sadness in song, pantomime and barlesque which mirror and parody the state of the central characters.