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“If you’re concerned, just talk to a member of our staff or, alternatively, swing your legs over the edge of the bed and walk out, remembering to pull the camera from your bum before leaving the hospital.”

Liz has got an embarrassing problem, and these yogurts aren’t helping. Her body’s acting up. After sell-out performances here at HOME in 2016, and a national tour of hospitals, this shameless tale of love, laughter and lavatories returns to where it was created.

Inviting you on a journey of frank confessions, colourful characters and too much brown sauce, Gutted is based on solo performer Liz Richardson’s real life experiences as a twenty-something living with ulcerative colitis (an inflammatory bowel disease).

“It’s good to talk, and Gutted, in its giving Liz [Richardson] a cathartic forum to relive her pain, is to be applauded for promoting this particular conversation in a life-affirming way.” – The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology

“A fearless performance… This is a moving autobiographical performance, don’t miss it.” – Bouquets & Brickbats

“Gives an accurate impression of the debilitating effects of a disease that could too easily become just a punchline about lavatory humour and, being refreshingly free of self pity, is surprisingly uplifting.” – Manchester Theatre Awards

“Liz [Richardson] told her story with refreshing and amusing frankness which retained dignity at all times… I can only hope that this production achieves its aim to begin a conversation about chronic illness and disease… Thoughtful and funny, exploring hidden aspects of the world we live in.” – North West End

“Tight, witty and compelling. That’s how you do theatre”
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Produced by Making Room, supported by IA: the ileostomy & internal pouch Support Group, The Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England.