Ugly Bucket presents

Good Grief

A dying man’s last wish: for his friends to create a show about death.

Will it be subtle? Will it be sophisticated? Probably not, but it’s his funeral. Literally.

Multi award-winning physical comedy company Ugly Bucket process the death of a friend in the only way they know how – through a kinetic maelstrom of outrageous clowning, personal testimony and a thumping techno soundtrack.

It’s fast, it’s funny and it plumbs the emotional depths exquisitely... exciting, innovative work

The Stage

A breathtaking, important piece of work. Go. It’ll make you feel alive.

Fest Mag

A unique, innovative show about grief which is not only funny but goes beyond entertainment and is profoundly affecting.

Edinburgh Guide

Some of the most perfect, Tom and Jerryish facial acting you’ll see... Thinking about death has inspired a show packed to brim with life and joy.

The Scotsman

BBC Stories: Grief Clowns: Laughing At Death

  • Running time: approx 1hr
  • Age guidance: 14+
  • This show is about grief and contains personal accounts of bereavement. Every story has been treated with love and respect and, in sharing these stories, Ugly Bucket and the voices featured in the show hope to spark healthy and open conversations about grief, to help audiences feel less isolated. For more information on bereavement please see the NHS website for charities that can support you through this

Tickets: £12.50 full / £10.50 concessions

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