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One sunny evening, 10-year-old Rhona, goes missing. Her mother, Nancy, retreats into a state of frozen hope, but still clings on to the hope that Rhona will be found alive.
At the same time, far away in New York, American academic Agnetha, working on her thesis Serial Killing, A Forgivable Act?, is called in to help police draw up a psychological profile of the suspect.
Then there’s Ralph, a loner with a bit of previous, who is looking for some distraction…
Drawn together by horrific circumstances, the three people start on a long dark journey into the light.
Bryony Lavery’s truly gripping play, one of the most talked-about pieces of theatre of the 1990s, was nominated for four Tony nominations when it transferred to Broadway.
“Frozen is a truly outstanding play” – Daily Telegraph
“Bryony Lavery’s play touches greatness by taking you to the edge of the unimaginable” – The Guardian