Rifco Theatre Company, HOME Manchester, and Watford Palace Theatre presents

Frankie Goes To Bollywood

Coming to HOME Summer 2024

We are excited to announce our brand new co-production musical 'Frankie Goes to Bollywood', coming to HOME Summer 2024.

Get swept away into the dazzling world of Bollywood!

Frankie never wanted to be a star, she just wanted a family – and after a chance encounter with an up-and-coming director, she finds herself transported to Bollywood.

As she climbs the sparkling staircase of stardom, Frankie has to confront what she is willing to do for fame and fortune. Can she stay in the Bollywood family and still be true to herself?

Inspired by real stories of British women who have been caught in the spotlight of the biggest film industry in the world, Frankie Goes to Bollywood is a breathtakingly colourful journey of romance, sweeping songs and vibrant dance.

Amidst the heroes and the villains, the costumes and the spectacle, get ready for this tale of being British in Bollywood.



Concept and Book by Pravesh Kumar

Songs and Music by Niraj Chag

Songs and Lyrics by Tasha Taylor Johnson

Image by @desktidydesign

A Rifco Theatre Company,  HOME Manchester and Watford Palace Theatre co-production.


2 hours and 30 minutes

Book before Fri 14 July and get 20% off when booking three or more shows.