Feel Good

Out Of Joint

It’s party conference time, and in the leader’s hotel suite the spin doctors are sweating over the Prime Minister’s Speech. With public opinion increasingly volatile, there’s panic at the top. This time it’s all got to be perfect. But in the same hotel, a journalist is piecing together a scandal that is so far-reaching that it could keep the party out of power for a generation. Can the story be killed? Can the journalist be bought off? And exactly how far will a government go to save itself and come up smelling of roses. HENREY GOODMAN’S NUMEROUS award-winning roles include Shylock in the RNT’s The Merchant of Venice and Billy Flynn in the musical Chicago, ANITA DHIRI is best known as the uptight Milly in This Life, PEARCE QUIGLEY played Robbie in Out Of Joint’s  Shopping and Fucking.