by Mike Heath

Inviting your mother to your wedding should be a joyous occasion; unless you’re gay and your mother is a staunch Catholic.

Such is the dilemma for John, as he arrives at Faith’s little terrace on a Tuesday evening, only to discover she has tried to match-make him with Melanie – a no-filter 40-something singleton from the church, convinced that tonight is the night.

Of course, tonight is absolutely not the night as the veil is unceremoniously lifted on the patina of John and Faith’s fabricated reality. Then, when Faith is shocked to death by Melanie’s unwitting fictions of gay men’s bedroom behaviours, she discovers the church has it all wrong about homosexuality and alternative lifestyles while she queues for judgment at the pearly gates.

Sent back to right the wrongs of her earthly existence, she gets a second chance to fix her broken relationship with John (and convince the Pope he was wrong all along).

Part of Greater Manchester Fringe


Running time approx 90mins – no interval

Suitable for ages 16+

Tickets from £10