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Bertrand Lesca & Nasi Voutsas co-produced by FellSwoop Theatre presents


“Bienvenue. Kalosórisma. Welcome. We are so happy to see you all here. Some of you we know rather well, some of you we don’t.”

Two performers – one Greek, one French – dance and shout, cry and sing, agree and disagree, about life in the Eurohouse. A darkly comic look at the EU’s founding ideals and what got lost along the way.

Made in transit between Greece and the UK, Eurohouse was nominated for a Total Theatre Award for Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

★★★★ “This wonderfully playful, intimate and ultimately moving show … constantly pits idealism against self-interest and pragmatism.” – The Guardian

“A powerful, important and subtle piece of theatre which might well make you rethink the EU – and, even if it doesn’t, it will definitely make you laugh” – Exeunt

Want to know more about Nasi Voutsas and Bertrand?

Nasi (Antler) and Bertrand (FellSwoop) joined forces for Eurohouse. Antler and FellSwoop were respectively nominated for The Stage Best Ensemble Award 2013 (Where the White Stops) and the Peter Brook Ensemble Award 2015 (Ablutions). Eurohouse is co-produced by FellSwoop Theatre. Nasi and Bertrand have two productions featuring in this year’s Orbit Festival. Find out more about their other show Palmya.

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