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In true southern style, Miss Daisy acts mean, stubborn, suspicious and cantankerous. She also makes a devil of a backseat driver when her son hires Hoke Coleburn as her personal chauffeur. She’s Jewish, Hoke’s black- many a spark flies before their irascible long-running partnership transends the obvious barriers and becomes a friendship for life.
Stephanie Cole, Dr Beatrice Mason in TENKO and Diana in WAITING FOR GOD, was recently seen in the West End in STEEL MAGNOLIAS. She’s joined as Miss Daisy by Erick Ray Evans as Hoke and Jack Chissick as her son.
An Oscar-winning film and an-award-winning off-broadway play, DRIVING MISS DAISY has its regional premiere here at the Forum, before going on a national tour.
‘this gentle and touching play…which delicately works in the mind and on the senses until it takes complete possession of one’s sympathies, affection and imagination’ DAILY MAIL
‘Utterly engaging…how warm and wonderful and human it all is’ WASHINGTON POST