Manchester School of Theatre presents

Double Bill: Martinis on the Hill & Weissmuller

A double bill of original ensemble theatre pieces by students of Contemporary Theatre and Performance at Manchester Metropolitan University, directed by Mole Wetherell and Swen Steinhauser.

Martinis on the Hill
Directed by Mole Wetherell

When you watch a film over and over again you start to notice different things. You see the cracks and the fault lines, moments in the background that suggest stories you weren’t expecting, like clues to a very different puzzle…

Martinis on the Hill re-views sequences in a film made over 50 years ago, a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. A film about birds.

Mole Wetherell is the artistic director of the acclaimed performance company Reckless Sleepers, based in the UK and Belgium.

Directed by Swen Steinhauser

In the 1920’s Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan was a health resort that attracted many famous patients including Henry Ford and the champion swimmer Johnny Wiessmuller. Weissmuller continued to espouse the philosophy of the sanitarium throughout his career, most notably during the 30’s and 40’s, and the 12 films in which he starred as Tarzan. Weissmuller pays tribute, in it’s own quiet and complex way.

Swen Steinhauser has worked as a director, performer and dramaturg with several different companies including Deer Park, Quarantine and hauser.