Brouhaha 2021 with Kani Kamil and Sherko Abbas

This performance has been changed from 14.00 to 19:30. Previously booked tickets will remain valid for the new performance.

Playing unconventional and handmade instruments, join artists Sherko Abbas and Kani Kamil for a unique sound art performance reflecting on the “brouhaha” of social agitation and displacement.  Through works focused on noise, sound and the matter of listening, the artists attempt to grasp questions about their political and social situation.

Sherko Abbas and Kani Kamil both grew up in Iraq and they moved to live in the UK.

What is Brouhaha?

Brouhaha is understood as the noise and voice of a state of social agitation. The word “Brouhaha” is strongly connected to the concept of sound, which refers to chaotic noise. As a word, it symbolises the moment when words lose their power.

This performance is a new version of the project called When the wild instruments sing which was initiated by Artist Sherko Abbas.

There will be a Q&A following the performance with Louis Brehony and artists Sherko Abbas and Kani Kamil. 

Dr Louis Brehony is a scholar of Middle East culture and politics, and author of the upcoming book Strings of the Street, on Palestinian music and displacement. He directed the film Kofia: A Revolution Through Music and performs with Gazelleband.

Originally developed as part of Horizons Festival and presented in association with CAN (Community Arts North West).

1 hour

Seating at this show is at full capacity with no social distancing.

Tickets £8 // Concessions available