Two mirages.

In one: wars, droughts, massive deforestation, polluted coasts, labor exploitation, political instability, poor sanitary conditions, persecution, forced deportation, abuse of natural resources, depleted aquifers, food shortages…

In the other: stocked supermarkets, safe streets, family stability, good health services, freedom, paid work, respect for human rights, welfare, recycling and renewable energies, prosperity, social mobility…

And in between, flocks of birds. Thousands of migrating birds constantly drawing impossible shapes in the sky. Movement. Ceaseless movement. Birds… and beyond, planets, asteroids, raw materials, galaxies, blood, cells, weapons, atoms, electrons, advertising, quarks, ideology, fear, waste, hope. Life. Nothing in the cosmos is quiet. Stillness is a chimera. The only thing there is, is movement.

If it is impossible to stop an electron, what’s the point in building fences against flocks of birds?

Birdie is a multimedia performance with live video, objects, Hitchcock’s The Birds revisited, scale models, 2000 mini animals, wars, smugglers, a massive migration and three performers handling this messy world with wit, criticism and commitment to humankind.

Founded in Barcelona, Agrupación Señor Serrano is a theatre company that creates original productions based on stories drawn from contemporary times. They won the Silver Lion 2015 from the Venice Biennale.

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  • Running Time: 60 mins (no interval)
  • Recommended age 16+
  • This production is performed in English with Spanish subtitles
  • This production features smoking and smoke effects.

Tickets: £12.50 (conc. available)