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BINGE! is a full-bodied show about the strength of women, made from researching and soul searching. A show about finding your voice and speaking your truth. About triumphing through trauma. Trampolines. And trifle.

In 2015 Lisa was diagnosed with a triple whopper; food addiction, binge eating disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. A survivor of emotional abuse she found herself feeling empty and starved of love. This is a knickerbocker glorious story about rebuilding your life and filling yourself up with all the good stuff.

Am I stuffing myself full because I am afraid to feel?

I am empty. Starving. Ravenous. Aching to be gorging on life again.

I have a baby growing in my belly, how do I protect my daughter from all of this?

HOME Associate Artists Mighty Heart Theatre return to the stage in their first full length piece of theatre as women in their 30’s, survivors, in recovery, growing a baby, training to be a counsellor.

BINGE! is a hearty feast of feelings, serving you up tender truths on addiction, food, friendship, motherhood, cravings, compassion and connection – a recipe of hope for the lost, lonely and heartsick.

Developed with Barbican Open Lab in collaboration with HOME.

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