1927 presents

The Animals and Children took to the Streets

Welcome to the Bayou, a part of the city feared and loathed wherein lies the infamous Bayou Mansions; a sprawling stinking tenement block, where curtain-twitchers and peeping-toms live side by side, and the wolf… is always at the door.

When Agnes Eaves and her daughter arrive late one night, does it signal hope in this hopeless place, or has the real horror only just begun?

Seamlessly synchronising live music, performance and storytelling with stunning films and animation this is the wickedly twisted international hit tale from the multiple award-winning company behind Golem, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and The Magic Flute. Like a giant novel burst into life, 1927 invite you on a theatrical journey of startling originality.

★★★★★ “Despite having only three performers and a set made of nothing more than three blank screens, what comes across is ninety minutes of breath-taking escapism… A magnificent theatre production… A beautifully presented work of art in which all the components of a stage show just seem to come together in a pleasantly captivating way. ” – The Greater Manchester Reviewer

★★★★★ “A deliciously dark gem of a show… Think the Mighty Boosh performing a script by John Cooper Clarke, and you’d be in the right sinister, absurd and brilliant ballpark.” – Upstaged Manchester

★★★★★ “Sheer genius… It is not like anything you will have seen before.” – North West End

★★★★★ “Wonderfully innovative, fresh and socially relevant… 1927 has created a fantastical world that quickly draws us in, and strangely leaves us questioning our own society in a depth realism would find hard to penetrate.” – Quays Life

★★★★★ The Animals and Children Took to the Streets blew me away… Visually spectacular and technically flawless, everything about this production is utter perfection.” – The Play’s the Thing

★★★★★ “A wonderful, crazy and comic spectacle… Hugely entertaining.” – Morning Star

★★★★ “A satirical, jaw-dropping production that will leave you both mesmerised and enormously entertained… Innovative, smart and darkly comic, pitch perfect.” – Opening Night

“[An] appealing and absorbing show… A show that, while undeniably dark, is charming and very funny and a must-see for anyone willing to try something out of the ordinary.” – British Theatre Guide

★★★★ “A 70-minute non-stop theatrical event not quite like any other… Very funny, thought provoking and altogether a must-see.” – Theatre Reviews North

★★★★ “What 1927 do so well is their ability to magically conjure up a world which looks so different from our own, yet it’s still relevant to society. You’re watching theatre but it’s like you’re sat in the cinema as well… Visually hypnotic.” – The Reviews Hub

★★★★½ “Once in a while something comes along to just blow your minds; The Animals and Children Took to the Streets is such a production… One of the best shows I have seen this year… I will be surprised if I see many others that are as good as this… A theatrical treat.” – Caught in the Act

“Astonishing… Three performers; a myriad of characters; a kaleidoscope of animation – The Animals and Children Took to the Streets is a unique imaginarium of delight.” – Canal Street

★★★★ “Ingenious… Sure to live long in the memory of those who are brave enough to see it… The cast – Felicity Sparks, Genevieve Dunne, and Rowena Lennon – all give performances that are studies in versatility in a production that’s far too good to miss…. Highly recommended.” – StageStruck

“An absolute joy, even if the humour is dark and we were told right from the start that there would be no happy ending… I strongly encourage to make the time to see it.” – Reviewer Number 9

“An ambitious and assured production that hits all the right notes… It is darkly subversive and yet it has warmth and charm… Shines with the compassion and humour of humanity still present despite such a bleak environment.” – Live Art Alive

“It’s a definite recommendation from me… The innovative use of projection, animation, music and physical performance makes for an unusual and compelling tale about the lost souls at the edge of the city.” – Shewolf Manchester

“I found the dystopian world of the play utterly convincing… Paul Barritt’s expressionist graphics and atmospheric animations [are] stunning.” – Jildy Sauce

“It’s rare to see a theatre production that is genuinely nothing like anything you’ve ever experienced before, but 1927’s latest witty creation definitely fits the bill… Wonderfully creepy and at times hilarious.” – Liverpool Echo

“There’s a realistic undertone to the spectacle in front of us, and a lesson to be learned… A truly unusual production that is darkly enchanting and curious.” – Broadway World

★★★★★ “One of the cleverest, most innovative, funniest and thought-provoking pieces of theatre I’ve seen in a very long time… I can think of few more engaging ways to spend an evening.” – Northern Soul

“A jaw droppingly clever and gloriously subversive parable… 1927 conjure a world so complete it feels as if you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole.” – The Guardian

“A mind blowingly beautiful piece of theatre.” – Time Out

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  • Recommended age 11+
  • Running time: 70mins (no interval)
  • £18 – £20 full (conc. available)
  • Caption Subtitled performance provided by John Reevell on Wed 13 Feb, 19:30
  • Touch Tour provided by Anne Hornsby, Mind’s Eye Description, on Thu 14 Feb, 18:30
  • Audio Described performance provided by Anne Hornsby, Mind’s Eye Description, on Thu 14 Feb, 19:30