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Phosphorous Theatre presents

All The Beds I Have Slept In

A charpai on my roof in Afghanistan
A stinky bunk in a hostel in Milan
A sleeping bag on a college camping trip
Under a bridge in Liverpool Street on my first day in England
A bed that wasn’t a bed

From a studio flat in North London to the exercise yard of a Greek detention centre, these four lived-experience actors are pulled between time and place as they remember the people who kept them moving forward. The supposed safety of a bed, and a home, gives access to the space of dreams, memories and experiences that are sometimes difficult to tell. Supposed spaces of safety become transient; places of rest that can be taken away without notice, or gestures of kindness from a stranger.

All the Beds I Have Slept In is about kindness and care. It explores the hidden moments of hospitality that change the course of a journey, and how to repay them. The intimacy created between friends when family is absent, and how to stay hopeful in a scary world.