Gecko and Mind the Gap presents

a little space

Commissioned by HOME

This intricately crafted performance combines Gecko’s unique blend of theatre, choreography and stunning imagery with incredible performers from Mind the Gap.

What does it mean to you to have a little space?

A little space where we can escape the world and be ourselves. Where we can say whatever we want, do whatever we feel and where no-one will ever bother us. But it can be an unpredictable space too, where voices are funnelled away, fears leak through the floorboards, songs light up the room and you never know who’s listening behind the door.

A place where whispers come to life and one kind gesture could change everything.

Following the international success of Gecko’s first associate show The Dreamer (2016) and Mind the Gap’s giant outdoor spectacle ZARA (2019), these two performance powerhouses join forces for a captivating production. Mind the Gap’s Charli Ward and Karen Bartholomew team up with Gecko – Devising Performer Dan Watson, Associate Directors Rich Rusk and Helen Baggett, Designer Rhys Jarman, Lighting Designer Chris Swain and Composer Dave Price, to create this intricately crafted physical theatre show.

a little space has been commissioned by HOME, Manchester and The Place, London.

★★★★ “Visually stunning stuff, dotted with thrilling moments of surprise and ingenuity… There are also welcome flashes of humour.” – The Guardian

“An intriguing and impressionistic collaboration… Moments of humour, moments of sadness, and moments of horror… May not be everyone’s cup of tea to be sure, but nothing worthwhile ever is.” – North West End

“There were moments of extreme honestly, coupled with moments of genuine hilarity… A truly sensory and visceral experience is to be had at this production.” – Reviewer Number 9

“This thought-provoking play could be described as brutalist theatre, where the humdrum experiences of city dwelling have been stripped to their essence and presented with humour, but without excess sentiment… A must-see for those who have ever inadvertently shared their space with others.” – Visit Manchester

“The perfectly put together sound, set and lighting design does make for a strong aesthetic.” – Performance In Motion

“Engaging and provocative… A production that goes straight to the heart of its subject matter.” – Live Art Alive

“An intensely thought-provoking piece of physical theatre. With a gripping narrative, the show uses sound and lighting to constantly produce the unexpected.” – Mancunion

“This thought-provoking play could be described as brutalist theatre, where the humdrum experiences of city dwelling have been stripped to their essence and presented with humour, but without excess sentiment… A must-see for those who have ever inadvertently shared their space with others.” – Visit Manchester

“Held a mirror up to society’s flaws and hidden secrets… Poignant, beautiful.” – FUSE FM

“The exploration of loneliness is a pertinent one and one tackled in a unique fashion by these two companies in this ambitious debut collaboration.” – The Reviews Hub

About audio described performances (Sat Feb 15, 14:00): Audio Description is available for this performance at request. Audio description is a live commentary by trained describers, interspersed with the actors’ dialogue. Description is relayed via a discreet headset linked to the infra-red audio system. Headsets should be collected before the performance from the Box Office. To reserve an AD headset please email or phone 0161 200 1500.


“Mind the Gap and Gecko had lit a spark in my chest that left me feeling compelled to stagger out into the world, to breathe in it’s beautiful light, form new connections and hold new hands.” – The Mumble on a little space

“It is many years since I have seen anything like this quality of movement, imagination and theatricality.”- The Sydney Morning Herald on Gecko Theatre’s Institute

“The attention to detail extends to all aspects of this beautifully realised production, from the theatrically inventive use of sets springing out of the cabinets to the now-ominous, now-jaunty soundtrack. All in all, it makes for a unique vision.” – The Independent on Gecko Theatre’s Institute

“It forces us to rethink the dominant narratives around disability, defiantly and joyously trashing anyidea of lives diminished and less fully lived and experienced.” – Lyn Gardner on Mind The Gap’s Contained

“Poignant, yet without a shred of self-pity, [this] production is leavened further by a hefty dose of silly, sometimes pleasantly dark, humour.” – The Stage on Mind The Gap’s Mia

What to expect from the show

Set in an apartment block, this devised show follows the lives of five people and explores what happens when they connect and disconnect from each other, whether through choice or through isolation. Drawing on the performers’ own experiences, a little space is a powerful piece of physical theatre, which uses movement, imagery, sound and lighting to portray the needs, desires and fears of the characters.

Mind the Gap has an internationally respected methodology and approach to its work and is considered a beacon for learning disability arts and artists; a little space is their first physical theatre production. Gecko’s style is both physically demanding and emotionally honest, using breath as an anchor to explore movement and emotion. The company strives to make their work open to interpretation and put their audience at the heart of the narrative – an ethos that has been reflected in the devising of a little space as we ask you, the audience, how it feels to be alone.

About the collaboration

Gecko and Mind the Gap’s paths first crossed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017. Mind the Gap had a desire to create a new piece of physical theatre and were impressed by Gecko’s style and commitment to artistic quality. In November 2017 the companies came together to explore the scope for collaboration, through a weeklong intensive residency, with Mind the Gap’s Artists. The incredible work created during this short time frame proved the viability of the partnership and left both companies excited about a future collaboration.

Fast forward to October 2018, Gecko spent three weeks working with a range of students and Artists at Mind the Gap, with the aim of casting for a new piece of work, based around the idea of light and space. Five performers stood out and brought their individual talents and aesthetics to what eventually became a little space.


  • Running time 65 mins
  • Age recommendation 14+
  • £10 – £20 / conc. from £5
  • Caption subtitled performance – Fri 14 Feb, 19:30 provided by Claire McIntyre
  • Audio Described Touch Tour – Sat 15 Feb, 13:00 provided by Anne Hornsby from Mind’s Eye Description
  • Audio Described performance – Sat 15 Feb, 14:00 provided by Anne Hornsby from Mind’s Eye Description