Here at HOME we are committed to best sustainable policy and practice. We work hard to reduce the environmental impacts of our activities and we are dedicated to understanding, measuring, improving and communicating our performance and engaging with our community in this ongoing and important process.

We consider every aspect of our service chain and integrate environmental and ethical considerations in choosing the supplies and services that we use and the products that we deliver. We consider the programming of our theatres, cinemas and galleries to incorporate issues of sustainability into our content and delivery. Our building on Tony Wilson place has been designed to be energy efficient and our Building Management System allows us to monitor, control and adjust energy consumption. As a values driven organisation, we look to ensure staff engagement, and our Environmental and Sustainability Team work together to identify and implement actions to reduce energy consumption and encourage best practice in the workplace. We follow a sustainable travel policy and utilise carbon-neutral travel options to help to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage health and wellbeing in the workplace. Training our entire staff in carbon literacy has enabled us to engage with our volunteers, visitors and partners to share knowledge and pledge our commitment to best in practice and awareness both at HOME and beyond. With environmental sustainability embedded into our choices and actions, we are working together to help to secure a creative and conscious green future for all.

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