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Maggie Hoffgen

After graduating as a foreign language teacher in Germany, Maggie Hoffgen worked at the Goethe-Institut in Manchester as lecturer and teacher trainer for over 10 years. Her interest in film led her to do an MA in Film Studies, where her dissertation focused on rap, youth and film culture.

Until 2010 Maggie managed and taught courses on German language and culture at The University of Manchester’s Language Centre. Since then, she has been working freelance.

For Cornerhouse and HOME, Maggie has worked on a variety of projects, including study days, introductions to films and directors, and evening courses on subjects including film studies, film noir, sound on film, genre, David Lynch and many more. She also teaches on the BFI Film Academy.

Previously, Maggie has taught film History and classic Hollywood at The University of Salford. She is also an author of articles, study materials and books on film.

Q & A

What’s your earliest memory of the arts?
My first love was certainly music, my earliest memory being the operas that my father listened to on his record player. Music still plays a huge part in my life, mainly listening to it – both recorded and live. I play the piano a bit and sing a lot, but it’s mostly to myself, nowadays.

Which director do you most admire?
It has to be David Lynch. He is the one director who consistently grabs my attention and whose films I can, and feel compelled to watch again and again – I have regular “reach for Lynch” moments. For me, his examination of humanity and of what lurks beneath the surface of our lives is singular and profound. His films move me like no others. This has a lot to do with his use of sound – his ‘industrial’ sound, music, whether it’s found popular music or music written by him and/or Angelo Badalmenti, and the voice. I’m addicted to his work, particularly Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
To be myself and not to worry about what others think of me.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?
My guilty pleasures change all the time. At the moment, it is definitely wearing out box sets.