Want to get advice and feedback during PUSH?

For the duration of PUSH 2018, you can book one-to-one sessions with a range of professionals on your practice and/or project.

Subjects include:

  • Feedback on specific artist film projects
    These slots are open to visual artists who have a film project – at whatever stage of development –  and would like to get advice and feedback on it.
    These 20 to 30 mins sessions will be with Sarah Perks, HOME Artistic Director (Visual Arts). Sarah has extensive experience of commissioning, developing, producing and exhibiting artist films and can give feedback and pointers on most aspects of artist film.
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  • Advice on social media, website development and digital content for your creative project and/or practice
    These slots are open to creatives of any field who would like advice on how best to use digital platforms, present themselves online for their audience or would like feedback on their current online presence. This can be for a specific project or your practice in general.
    These 30 mins sessions will be with Sarah Leech, HOME Digital Content Manager. Sarah has extensive experience of producing digital content to promote and enhance a variety of creative events and practice, website development, social media campaign management, digital skills training and more.
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  • Advice for non theatre makers who want to develop a theatre project These slots are open to people who have a burning idea for a theatre project but have never made a piece of theatre before. Where do you start? Who do you need to contact? What do you need to think about?
    These 30 mins sessions will be with either Kevin Jamieson or Jennie McCusker from the theatre team at HOME. Both have experience in producing theatre and helping artists realise their ideas in a realistic but ambitious manner.
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  • Getting Your Work Funded
    These slots are open to people who want advice on writing applications for their specific project to funders, whether it is grants, trusts or potential sponsors. Are you articulating your project clearly? What aspects should you concentrate on? What information should you include? Where do you start?
    The session will either be with Jenni Willows, HOME Development manager or Roisin Joyce, HOME Deputy Director of Development. Both Jenni and Roisin have got extensive experience of writing applications for grants, trusts, sponsors and more for organisations and creative projects.
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  • Advice for aspiring producers, curators, makers and make-believers about the nitty-gritty of making creative projects happen
    These slots are open to people who have a clear creative project or idea, no matter what stage it’s at and would like advice on how to make it happen.
    These 30 mins sessions will be with 30 mins sessions with Bren O’Callaghan, HOME Senior Visual Arts Producer. Bren has got extensive experience of producing, curating, commissioning (and performing in!) all kind of creative projects from major exhibition at HOME, to feature and short films, film inspired touring drag theatre shows, single arts pieces and more and can advise on pretty much any aspect of making a creative project happen!
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  • Advice for Young Creatives
    These slots are open to young creatives currently at school or college or equivalent and who are considering further/higher education or apprenticeships but are not sure about their options or what the alternatives could be.
    These 30 mins sessions will be with Marisa Draper, HOME Head of Engagement and Rosie Stuart, HOME Young People’s Programme Producer. Between them, Marisa and Rosie have approximately 25 years of experience in working with young people aged 14-25 in various contexts and have supported hundreds of individuals in finding the best route for the next stage of their creative careers.
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The following events might also be useful for you to consider in lieu of a one to one – or if you don’t have a specific project to talk about

If you have any more question, please get in touch with Isabelle.