Residency opportunity: At HOME with Jerwood

In partnership with Jerwood Arts, we are delighted to announce applications are open for At HOME with Jerwood, a major new paid residency and artist development opportunity for 2023.

At HOME with Jerwood is supported by the Jerwood Developing Artists Fund


Since HOME opened in 2015, nurturing the talent of early career artists has been a central focus of our work. Our Artist Development programme supports over 750 artists, filmmakers and theatre makers every year through workshops, training courses, commissions, residencies, and mentoring.

At HOME with Jerwood will support four artists to make a step change in their practice and careers.

This opportunity is open to individuals and companies across all art forms who are:

  • Currently living and making work in the North West
  • In their first three to ten years of practice
  • Working in any discipline HOME is involved in: Theatre and Live Art, Digital, Film (inc. narrative, documentary, animation and artist film) and Visual Arts

The selected artists will be in residence at HOME from June 2023 to March 2024.

Over the course of a year, you will undertake a tailored residency which will include training, practical making, development opportunities and mentoring from our creative team alongside industry professionals.

The end of the residency will culminate in a sharing of your project, which could be with your peers, professionals or a public audience. This bespoke sharing will be down to the individual artist and project which could take a variety of forms and scale.

At HOME with Jerwood is also supported by the Noël Coward Foundation.


The residencies will run (part-time) from June 2023 to March 2024, working closely with our Artist Development team to create a programme of support that is tailored to specific needs, circumstances and aspirations.

It will include

£12k split as follows:

  • £9K to cover the cost of your time.
  • £3k to cover whatever you need to achieve your project outside of paying for your time. For example, it could cover material, studio space, kit, collaborator’s time.

Further support, in cash or in kind, administered by the HOME team in conversation with the selected artist consisting of:

  • Training opportunities. This could be in house, using the expertise and skills of the HOME team or external.
  • Access fund to enable you to take part in the residency. This could be to cover transport, translation, or anything else we haven’t thought about.
  • Access to HOME’s rehearsal room to play and experiment with practice – if relevant to your project. Other spaces might be available depending on our schedule of activities. Please note, this opportunity doesn’t include the provision of a permanent artist studio space, but the £3K budget can be used towards this.
  • In house producing support throughout the residency.
  • A creative mentor to provide regular artistic support inc. one to ones, dramaturgical support, observing work and critical feedback.

The end of the residency will culminate in a sharing of your project, which could take a variety of forms and scale depending on what you would like to achieve.

  • The audience could be your peers, industry professionals or the public.
  • It could be a piece of work – whether it a polished, finished project; a work in progress or a mix of both.
  • It could be a documentation of the journey of your residency.

The purpose of this residency is to provide a supportive platform for the development of artists’ work and practice – the outcome will therefore be led by your needs and goals.

You must:

  • Have been creating work professionally for a minimum of three years and maximum of 10 years (not including full-time education).
  • Have an artistic practice in either Theatre, Film, Digital or Visual Arts.
  • Be at a pivotal moment in your career and looking to make a step change in your artistic practice.
  • Have an idea of what you would like to explore during the residency. This could be a specific project, new collaboration or exploring different ways of working.
  • Consider your artistic practice and work to be in line with HOME’s artistic ambition and mission
  • Be based in the Northwest (The North West comprises Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Merseyside and Manchester) at time of application and throughout the residency.
  • Not already be the recipient of Jerwood Arts funding.

We strive to present a vibrant, diverse programme that is reflective of the city that we live in. We believe that this can only truly be achieved if the artists we work with at HOME encompasses a broad range of beliefs and vantage points.

We particularly welcome applications from those currently under-represented in the industry as a result of barriers arising from social, gender, financial, ethnic, cultural, geographic or educational disadvantage or disability.

We wouldn’t want circumstances beyond your control preventing you from applying for this opportunity. If you need support with transport, translation, childcare or any other costs we haven’t thought about, we have an access fund to support your involvement. Please do let us know in your expression of interest how we can help.


In 2020 we worked with the National Freelance Taskforce to look at our application process. In response to their feedback, we have changed the way artists apply for opportunities at HOME. There is now a two-stage process;

  • Stage One: Expression of interest – Deadline: Mon 3 Apr 2023, 23:59.

Please complete a brief expression of interest (EOI) via a short form or by an audio/video submission.

All EOI will be shortlisted to around 25 applications by the HOME Artist Development team to go to the second stage.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer any feedback on stage one applications.

 Shortlisted Applicants will be notified by end of day Mon 17 Apr.

  • Stage Two: for shortlisted applications

Shortlisted expressions of interest will be invited to submit a more detailed proposal which will be reviewed by an independent artist’s panel.

Each shortlisted application will receive £50 to develop their application further, and one-to-one producer support from a member of HOME artist development team to support this process. Artists may also be invited to a conversation with the artist’s panel.

All applications at this stage will be offered feedback.

Successful applicants will be informed by Fri 19 May.


The expression of interest will ask the following information

About You

Your contact details (required)

Name, phone number, email and postal address. The majority of our exchanges will be by email but we may phone you should we need to know something at very short notice.

Please tell us about you and your practice (required – Up to 300 words or 3 minutes of audio/video)

This is about who you are as an artist, your practice and the type of work you have made. For example: what does your work look and sound like, what are the aspects that excites you, what are the theme you like to explore, what inspires you?

Supporting material to illustrate your practice (required – maximum of 3 links)
Please include any material that would help us understand your work and best illustrates your practice. It could be a link to your website, your social media handles, a scrap book, photos, a show reel, essay, flipbook, blog, video etc.

About the residency

What would you like to explore during the residency? (required – Up to 500 words or 5 minutes of audio/video)

This could be a specific project, a new collaboration or exploring different ways of working.

How will this residency help you make a step change in your practice? (required – Up to 300 words or 3 minutes of audio/video)

Supporting material about your project (optional)

Please include any material that would help us visualise orunderstand what your project is .


You can download all the questions in a word document here.

For us to keep track of all applications effectively, we would prefer if you filled in our online form.

Please see a list of the formats available below.

However,we understand filling in a from may not be accessible to everybody. Wording the actual answers to the questions is up to you but if you need practical support in filling in the form, we are here to help.

If you require help or would like to submit your expression of interest in a different way, please get in touch with either Alice Wilde, Isabelle Croissant or Davinia Jokhi by email on or phone on 0161 212 3400

  • Contact details: In writing using the online form.
  • Application questions: Feel free to answer the questions in whatever medium works best for you (audio, writing or video). There is space in the form for you to add a link to your visual, audio or video answers. We have added advice on how to make a link to your video or audio in the downloadable question list.

You can download all the questions to prepare in advance as a word document here.

Click on the big blue button at the top of this page or simply follow this link

Frequently Asked Questions

For the majority of artists, we define the start of your artistic practice from when you had your first professional engagement, such as your first group show in a gallery, film in a festival, published work or theatre performance.

The length of time you have been practicing as an artist may be linear, or may be more interrupted. We are happy to consider the length of your practice as the time before and after any pause.

The residency is approximately 60 days during the period of the residency (June 2023 to March 2024). We are happy to discuss what would work best for your project and with your schedule. This could be 1.5 day a week for that whole period or delivered in blocks of time, whatever works best for you to achieve your objectives.