HOME Artist Film Lab: Support Structures

Are you an artist working with film, video or moving image in the North of England?

Join us for the inaugural HOME Artist Film Lab, taking place from Fri 11 – Sun 13 Feb 2022.

The HOME Artist Film Lab is a 3-day laboratory for artist filmmakers to explore, learn and share together. From experimental film and animation, to video art and creative documentary, the HOME Artist Film Lab will bring together a cohort of 10 artist filmmakers for a weekend of workshops, talks, discussions, and screenings, inspired by the idea of ‘support structures’ – What is support? What supports us? How do we support each other?

Each day of the HOME Artist Film Lab will concentrate on a different domain of support for artist filmmakers: self-care and personal ecologies; collective care; and navigating institutional support.

What to expect from the HOME Artist Film Lab?
The lab is a space of exploration, developed by artists for artists. Some sessions will be led, some facilitated, and others will be unplanned. We invite participants to join with enthusiasm and an open mind.

We hope that you will come away from the lab with new skills and tools for your own practice, a greater awareness of the national and international support systems for artist moving image, and most of all, that you will make connections with other artist filmmakers in the region.

How to apply?
The HOME Artist Film Lab is limited to 10 participants, who will each receive a small bursary to support their participation.

Please register your interest using the short form below by midnight, Fri 7 Jan 2022. This can be written or recorded, whichever you are more comfortable with.



The HOME Artist Film Lab programme is curated by Jamie Allan with the support of Alice Wilde.

Invited artists include: Greg Thorpe, April Lin 林森, Jessica El Mal, Laura Taillefer Viñas, Luisa Mello, Atsushi Kuwayama, Kopal Joshy, and Cinecaravan.

Illustration by Luca Shaw.

* the concept of Support Structures is borrowed from artist and architectural researcher Céline Condorelli, whose work explores structures, relationships, and mechanisms of support.
Everything starts from this intuition: that what I define as support structures can release potential, and that support is not to be reduced to a reactive, symptomatic, and redeeming gesture, but through its uttering we may be able to hear the unspoken, the unsatisfied, the late and the latent, the in-process, the pre-thought, the not-yet manifest, the undeveloped, the unrecognised, the delayed, the unanswered, the unavailable, the not-deliverable, the discarded, the over-looked, the neglected, the hidden, the forgotten, the un-named, the unpaid, the missing, the longing, the invisible, the unseen, the behind-the-scene, the disappeared, the concealed, the unwanted, the dormant.
from Support Structures by Céline Condorelli, Gavin Wade, and James Langdon