FORGE – Call out for Artists

Artist Sam Redway supported by HOME, is looking for a group of creatives interested in one or more of the following:

  • Playing with early ideas with an ensemble of creatives from multiple disciplines
  • New networks of peers invested in your development in return for your investment in theirs
  • Forging new models of artist support in Manchester: Peer-to-peer, democratically shaped and multi-disciplinary.
  • Influencing existing artist support schemes in the city.

On 22 April  up to 20 artists and creatives will take part in a half-day test of concept and co-design session for a new initiative in Manchester.

FORGE will be a dynamic, responsive peer-support network which meets and explores each-others’ ideas, collaborating across disciplines and genres on ideas which don’t yet have a home or enough development to seek funding. How this works will be down to the people who attend.

The tester event will be split in two. The first half of the session will focus on one or two early ideas submitted by interested creatives. Either the artist who submitted, or Sam, will facilitate a very early R&D workshop on the idea(s) working with the fellow creatives attending.

The second half will be a co-design session on the future of this programme. Along the lines of:

  • Do we want to continue working on this cross-fertilising space together?
  • What would a continued peer-support development programme look like if it answered the biggest issues for us?
  • What’s missing in Manchester’s artist support currently?

This will hopefully form the backbone of an ongoing peer-support programme which creates a lasting impact on the arts networks and cultures in Greater Manchester. This idea can only be as diverse as the people who apply, and is founded on the fact that diversity is a strength. The recruitment for this trial workshop will be as anonymous as you make it.



Deadline: 14 April, 5pm.

Please send your expression of interest, either via this Google form


Send a audio or video recording (no longer than 3 mins) to Sam on

For audio or video please answer the following;

1. Tell us about yourself and your practice

2. What is an idea you’d like to explore with a multi-disciplinary group of peers?

3. How do you feel, and what do you think, about artist support in Manchester?

4. Do you have any access requirements you would like us to know about at this stage?

5. Please tell us if you are available on 22 April at 10-1pm or 2-5?


*** Please also complete this Monitoring form for us. For question 1 please put FORGE and ignore question 2. *** The monitoring form is anonymous.



Sam Redway is an international award-winning dramaturg and theatre maker who works across theatre, dance, opera, and music. He is currently: working with Katie Mitchell on his opera libretto The Girl With A Hurricane Brain, writing a chapter for Dramaturgy and History: Staging the Archive by the University of Alabama, consultant dramaturg for theatres in Europe, shortlisted for a Churchill Fellowship to research Theatre and Democracy in India and Europe, and participating in Julie’s Bicycle International Touring and Environmental Sustainability Programme with Arts Council England and Denmark. He is a Junior Fellow at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Dramaturg and Creative Director of Knaïve Theatre, Associate Artist for Dramaturgy of Smoking Apples Theatre Company, and leads Bolton Octagon’s Artbeat group exploring physical theatre with over 50s.