Extant: Visually Impaired Awareness Training for Theatre Practitioners

Part of Young Vic – Reach Out with Extant and HOME

As part of Extant Pathways, which has been developed to address the lack of accessible progression routes for visually impaired artists into professional theatre, Extant is delivering visually impaired awareness training for theatre practitioners, theatre companies, drama schools and university teaching staff.

The training has previously been delivered at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, The Actors Centre and the Young Vic.

This three and a half hour workshop, led by visually impaired and blind professional theatre practitioners, will explore practical exercises that can be used in the rehearsal room, along with discussions on how to make your workshops, audition and rehearsal processes more accessible.

Previous feedback from directors participating in VI-TAP training this year at the Young Vic:

“The conversations I feel I am able to have are more nuanced and deeper than before.”

“I feel more confident to deliver workshops/establish a rehearsal room that is more accommodating for visually impaired people.”

“Thank you, this was so brilliant. I have a new confidence and it has made me excited for future projects.”

Extant is the UK’s leading performing arts company of blind and visually impaired people. We create and tour professional productions featuring blind performers which we make accessible to visually impaired audiences through integrated audio description. We also support companies in making their productions more accessible to visually impaired and blind audiences through Extant Enhance. Working with arts venues we make them more accessible through our venue based awareness training.

For more information about Extant please visit their website. and for Pathways click here.

Young Vic is a theatre on The Cut, in Waterloo, London. You do not have to be a member of the Young Vic Directors Program to take part but we’d of course encourage you to join to find out about other activities we are running in London and the south west.

If you can’t make the workshop but would like to find out more about the Young Vic Directors Program please visit the Young Vic website. The program provides support for professional directors at the early stages of their career, offering a range of opportunities to help directors develop their craft. These include skills workshops, peer-led projects, and paid assistant directing roles. The activity takes place in and beyond London and is free. There are also Go See Funds to help with expenses to take part in Young Vic activities and projects in London.