DIY Filmmaking Challenge: Monstrous

Ready for another DIY Filmmaking Challenge? This time we want you to be Monstrous!

Part of BFI’s Break Into Film and hosted by our friends The Dukes in Lancaster, we bring you the next DIY Filmmaking Challenge.


For this DIY film challenge, we want you to be Monstrous. This can be something physically monstrous or an idea or action that has monstrous consequences for your character’s actions. Tapping into the horror genre and going deeper, what is it that you find truly unsettling? Is it films such as Hereditary or The Quiet Place? Maybe you prefer the classics instead like The Exorcist or The Silence of the Lambs? We don’t mind what you do, what tone or approach you take, as long as your film is inspired by the Monstrous theme.

This opportunity is open to any filmmaker from or based in the north aged 16 to 25.

Entries can be anywhere from 60 seconds to 3 mins.

The winner will be picked by a panel of industry professionals and announced at our in person event on October 29th, where you will get to watch some of the shortlisted films on the big screen at the Dukes in Lancaster, get some top tips from our industry guests and the opportunity to meet other filmmakers afterwards.

The winner of the DIY challenge will receive 1-to-1 mentoring with an industry professional and a £1000 bursary to put towards their career; whether to buy some kit, put towards studying or making your next short film.

The deadline for submissions is Friday the 14th October 2022.




If you have any questions please get in touch!