Call out: Be part of upcoming exhibition City of Colour by Danielle Rhoda

Danielle is an illustrator, animator, and maker of things originally from Poland and after studying at Manchester School of Art she is currently based between Manchester and Barcelona.

Danielle Rhoda’s City of Colour is a celebration of diversity in Manchester. Just like she does in her daily practice, the artist will document real people and create illustrated snapshots of their moments in the city, this time focusing especially on the Black community for Black History Month.

Be part of the project

People of Manchester, Danielle needs your help!

We invite Black people who are either from Manchester or live in Manchester to take part in this exciting opportunity. All you will need to do is follow the instructions from Danielle below…

Thank you for participating and letting me use your story as inspiration for the upcoming exhibition at HOME titled ‘City of Colour’.

Please answer the following questions in as little or much detail as you’d like:

  1.  Your name
  2.  Are you from Manchester/ if not what is your connection with the city?
  3. Your favourite place in the city?
  4. What does Manchester mean to you?
  5. Do you feel Manchester represents who you are?
  6. Tell us about the importance of representation of the Black community in
    Manchester and what it means to you.
  7. Lastly, what (if any) are your hopes for the future regarding Mancunian Black

Along with your answers to the questions, please send one headshot and one full body picture of yourself.

Guidelines for photos:

  1. They do not have to be brilliant quality.
  2. For the headshot think ‘Facebook profile picture’.
  3.  The full body image can be of any occasion. It does not have to be a photo taken especially for this or of you standing upright or still.
  4. It would be preferable to see a natural pose like a holiday picture, or group photo.
  5. Can be blurry, the more candid the better!

Don’t worry, the pictures will not be published without your permission.

Please note: Although Danielle would like to feature all participants in the artwork, this may not be possible depending on the number of submissions that we receive.

As part of this project, we aim to create an accompanying zine which with potentially feature participants answers to the questions above. If you do not want your answers featured in the zine, please let us know when you submit your photos.