Call for Proposals: Creative Intervention

Fancy showing something different to our cinema audiences during PUSH 2017? We’re looking for creative interventions to take place before our regular programme of film screenings for the duration of the festival.

All art forms and styles are welcome; the only rules are

  • it must be no longer than five minutes and
  • the content will need to be in line with the certificate of the film which follows your intervention.

If you’re interested, please email with a brief outline of your idea and a little bit about yourself and we’ll get in touch for further discussion. Deadline for proposals: Wed 14 December, 17:00


  • What kind of creative intervention are you looking for?
    Creative proposals that work within the practical constraints outlined below. We imagine spoken word could work well in our cinema spaces but we are not the creatives, our imagination is limited! Surprise us :D
  • Are there any constraints I need to take into account?
    The piece will be in our cinemas before a film so there will be limited time to set up and take down any equipment.  We advise you work within the technical parameters of what we can offer easily: microphones and our computer, which you can use to project something on the cinema screen if you wish to (but you don’t have to).
    Your piece must be no more than 5 minutes.
    The content of your piece must be in line with the certificate of the film. For instance if it contains strong language, it will need to be paired with a film that is cert 12A or above. Have a look at the BBFC website for more information about certificates and what they mean.
  • I would like my intervention to be on a specific day / at a specific time
    We will work with your availability as far as possible, but need to work with the available slots in the film programme as well as already-existing events.
  • Do I need to do something related to the film that will be screening?
    Not necessarily but you can if you wish to. The exact film calendar for the festival period is not available yet but we know we will be screening the following films Trainspotting 2, LaLaLand, Manchester By The Sea, Lion, Jackie, Denial and Christine so if you would like to do something that pairs up with any of these films, let us know.  Otherwise, we will work with your availability and that of the film programme.
  • Who will the audience be?
    People who have come to watch a film at HOME. They may or may not be aware that you will do a creative intervention. Our public is generally very open, curious and generous so we are sure they will give you a warm welcome!
  • Why are you doing this?
    Because we like to surprise our audience and we think there is a lot of talent in the North West and want to give them access to an audience they may not usually reach. And we thought we’d try something new during PUSH!