HOME Projects

HOME Projects is presented in the Granada Foundation Galleries on levels one and two of our building, and gives us an opportunity to encourage a blurring of distinction between gallery, cinema and theatre spaces, straddling both formal and informal presentation.

That art should so often appear rarefied when sited in a white cube space, but becomes more accessible when accompanied by the bustle and chatter of footfall and the clink of cutlery, raises useful questions around inclusion/exclusion, validation and a hierarchy of perceived worth – granting a valuable opportunity for photography, graphic arts, illustration, design, creative documentation and process-inspired work.

North West artists, curators and producers are a particular priority, as is an ongoing conversation addressing affordability and the value of the creative act, ranging from the return of our popular Sketch-O-Matic to limited edition prints.

HOME Projects will continue to evolve and respond to our audience needs and enquiries, but in essence will act as a torch beam across our programme and the wider city region.

HOME Projects is only occasionally open for submissions – any such opportunities are advertised in Jobs and Opportunities. Please do not sent unsolicited proposals unless requested.