Frequently Asked Questions – PUSH 2021 Commissions

Can I apply if I have performed in previous PUSH Festivals?

Yes we are accepting applications from artists who have previously performed as part of PUSH.

Can I apply if I have previously received a PUSH Commission?

Yes if you have received a commission previously you are still able to make an application but this must be for a new piece of work.

What do you mean by ‘paid development’?

We have set aside budget to pay for artists to have the time and space needed to create their commissions. This could be in the form of a week’s fee to cover a week planning or paid days to attend sessions with our Marketing team. This development fee will be bespoke and we will work with each commission to plan this.

Who will be on the artist panel?

The artist panel will be made up of independent freelance artists from the North West. The artists will be paid for their time and we will have artists who have been part of previous PUSH Festivals.

What do I do if I need help with my expression of interest or have some questions?

You can book a surgery with one of our Talent Development Producers. Please click here for further info

What do you mean by digital work?

Work that is performed or housed in digital space – this could be a live streamed performance, an audio visual work which sits on our website, it’s up to you!

We will update the FAQs as questions come in.