You Can Count on Me

Directed by Kenneth Lonergan

Winner of two of the main prizes at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival, YOU CAN COUNT ON ME is the directorial début of screenwriter and NY theatre director Lonergan. It’s a moving, acutely observed story of two siblings adrift in everyday life. Sammy and Terry (Linney and Ruffalo) were orphaned as children, but as adults they’ve pursued very different paths. Sammy’s thrown off her wild youth and settled down to raise her son Rudy alone in the family house in a small town. Terry has escaped down the Kerouac route, trailing trouble and only checking home with Sis when he needs cash. During one such visit, he stays longer than expected and bonds with young Rudy, much to Sammy’s chagrin. Soon brother and sister are forced to confront those inevitable, uncomfortable issues. With its well-written dialogue and especially the supreme performances from youngand old (Ruffalo is a revelation), you can consider this a little gem.

109 minutes

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