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Wuthering Heights

For her highly anticipated third feature, Oscar-winning writer-director Andrea Arnold (Fish Tank and Red Road) turns her attentions to Emily Brontë’s unforgettable gothic novel. Set on the hostile and windswept Yorkshire moors. Wuthering Heights is a dark, passionate story of lost love, jealousy and obsession as a hill farmer finds a homeless boy on the streets on a visit to Liverpool. He takes him home to live as part of his family in the isolated countryside where the boy forges an obsessive relationship with the farmer’s daughter.

Arnold’s 2011 adaptation makes stunning use of the landscapes and newcomers James Howson and Kaya Scodelario give excellent performances as the ill-fated Cathy and Heathcliff. A must see for fans of Arnold’s previous works and enthusiasts of this timeless Brontë classic.

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