Pilot Light TV Festival champion the discovery of the next generation of talent in episodic storytelling. They aim to give the creators behind these under-seen projects the platform to get their TV Pilot or Web Series in front of Industry members and TV fans. This year the Pilot Light team proudly present another amazing selection of shows, all of which have ‘the next big thing’ written all over them.

Creator: Amberly Cull/AU/6 mins
Myrtle and Steve’s relationship is broken but regardless they love each other. Determined to make it work they invite a Relationsheep into their house.

Creators: Jerome Velinsky, Tawni Bryant/AU/10 mins
In the gritty streets of Melbourne, we find Emma and Ryan; two best friends and two of the world’s finest actors. Except, nobody knows it yet. They work every job under the sun to pay the bills, whilst never wasting an opportunity to hone their craft; no matter what the consequences may be.

The Hunted: Encore
Creators: Ned Donovan, Joe Pietropaolo/US/14 mins (2 episodes)
Swords, Songs, Slayers and Vloggers collide in this Musical Action Comedy that pits a team of vampire hunters against a sinister bloodsucking syndicate.

Sexy Herpes
Creator: Martha Williams/AU/10 mins
Sarah is a sexual health nurse who’s permanently having a bad day. Her patients are hypochondriacs and sexual misfits, her boss always overshares and her therapist just told her she screams ‘dead mother’.

Desmondo Ray
Creator: Steve Barker/AU/12 mins (2 episodes)
An semi-animated series in which a peculiar man searches for love in a dark and troubling world.

52 minutes


Country of origin:
Australia and USA