Pilot Light TV Festival champion the discovery of the next generation of talent in episodic storytelling. They aim to give the creators behind these under-seen projects the platform to get their TV Pilot or Web Series in front of Industry members and TV fans. This year the Pilot Light team proudly present another amazing selection of shows, all of which have ‘the next big thing’ written all over them.

Act Something Up
Creator: Barbara Pombo/AR/15 mins/Spanish wEngST
A 24 year-old Argentine actress tries to find her place in the industry while dealing with horrible auditions, horrible side jobs, horrible sexist directors and more.

Dangers of Online Dating
Creator: Brianne Nord-Stewart/CA/6 mins
A sexual health nurse with a fear of casual sex consequences catapults herself back in the game by dating online. A single-camera dark comedy representing a generation of dating rules ripe with contradictions and defined by a desire to remain unbound.

Tales from Pussy Willow
Creator: Kate Jessop/GB/3 mins
A satirical animated comedy web series set in the fictional town Pussy Willow, which celebrates queer, feminist and absurdist themes using real actors within animated worlds to portray of contemporary Britain.

Hug It Out
Creator: Kincaid Walker/US/8 mins
Post-divorce and seriously broke, Gwen moves to LA and takes a reluctant deep-dive into the odd, hilarious subculture of professional snuggling. Challenged by her longstanding intimacy issues, Gwen will be forced to shift her perspective in order to cope — and maybe even thrive — in this bizarre new life.

Creator: Jaya Beach-Robertson/NZ/5 mins
This series follows two grotty girls as they suss out their offline lives as low functioning “adults”.  On the backdrop of sexploits and getting high we follow their peaks and troughs dealing with various societal woes, albeit with splotches of the absurd.

Run for your Life
Creator: Martha Williams/US/17 mins (4 episodes)
This series is all about the type of internet dates that make you literally run for your life; essentially Tinder meets Run Lola Run.

55 minutes

English and Spanish

Partial English

Country of origin:
Argentina, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and USA

This screening has no adverts or trailers and starts at the advertised time