Pilot Light TV Festival champion the discovery of the next generation of talent in episodic storytelling. They aim to give the creators behind these under-seen projects the platform to get their TV Pilot or Web Series in front of Industry members and TV fans. This year the Pilot Light team proudly present another amazing selection of shows, all of which have ‘the next big thing’ written all over them.

Neosho Falls
Creator: Eric Hyde/US/9 mins
A group of mysterious men track down an estranged Kansas man and find themselves in the path of an extra-terrestrial visitor.

Creator: Dan O’Reilly/US/6 mins
Three friends have taken refuge in a single room as they deal with decisions made to survive in this post-apocalyptic drama.

Sounds of Freedom
Creator: Holly Chadwick/US/6 mins
Julia and Charlie both suffer from combat-related PTSD. From their jobs at the local newspaper, and through a series of flashbacks and sessions with a common therapist, these two veterans are challenged to the max when a threat strikes them at home.

Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard
Creator: Sally McLean/US/6 mins
This series brings Shakespeare to the web series form and a modern, contemporary world where we all happen to still speak in Shakespeare’s language.

My America
Creator: Anna Jones/US/7 mins
The story of Lucian, a black artist and Uber driver, and Carmine, a retired white police officer who is visiting his son in Los Angeles, over the course of the week leading up to the recent November 8 election.

Who Killed Heather
Creator: Neal Fischer/US/7 mins
The chapter in a 36 episode murder/mystery web series following college student Andrew Olson on his personal investigation to uncover the truth behind the recent murder of a classmate.

Rock Paper
Creator: Ben Salavati/GB/7 mins
The untold story of hairdresser Diego Riofrio who decides that styling people’s head hair is not quite as fulfilling as it once was and so he delves into the unknown world of stand up comedy.

50 minutes


Country of origin:
Great Britain and USA

This screening has no adverts or trailers and starts at the advertised time