Directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer

Dreyer’s version of a Le Fanu story is a visually stunning psychological horror film. With haunting imagery driving the narrative, the luminous photography by Rudolph Maté and strategic editing are favoured over the sparse dialogue. Vampyr’s gorgeous dreamlike quality and risk-taking aesthetic are a testament to its director’s rare accomplishments in silent cinema.

Selected for That’s a Wrap by Michael Greavy:

Ten years ago I started courting a girl in Manchester and wanted to show her a good time. What better than a silent black and white movie with live music in Cinema 2 of Cornerhouse! Poetic, memorable, images that last long after the final credits roll – the essence of what Cornerhouse stands for. The film must have made a good impression on her or maybe she thought I was just odd. But something worked. I am now married to that girl and we have two beautiful young daughters. That night in the Cornerhouse I fell in love twice; once with Beth, once with the film.
It is still my favourite horror film. She is still my favourite wife!

72 minutes


Full English and German Intertitles

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