Rosie Lugosi, The Vampire Queen of Manchester, will provide the warm-up for this chilling Hammer double-bill. The programme includes: – Vampire Circus (18) Dir Robert William Young UK 1971 1hr 27m Laurence Payne, Thorley Walters, Robert Tayman Years after disposing of its vengeful aristocratic bloodsucker, a town is afflicted by plague and isolated from the rest of the world. When the mysterious Circus of Nights manages to get past the roadblock, the townspeople are glad for the diversion and unsuspecting of the troupe’s real purpose. AND – Twins of Evil (18) Dir John Hough UK 1971 1hr 27m Peter Cushing, Mary & Madeleine Collinson, Kathleen Byron, Damien Thomas With TWINS OF EVIL, Hammer dropped all pretence (and shed quite a few costumes), featuring the first identical twin Playboy centrefolds in the titular role. When orphaned teenage twins are sent to live with their obsessive vampire-hunting relative (Cushing), one of the girls finds herself strangely drawn to the most dangerous of her uncle’s targets. The finale to Hammer’s Le Fanu trilogy (see THE VAMPIRE LOVERS).