Uneasy Riders

Directed by Jean-Pierre Sinapi

Commissioned for a series of films experimenting with the new, lightweight digital cameras, this lively, incisive comedy is based on a true story. In a home for disabled adults, inexperienced nurse Julie has to deal with irascible patient René. But she soon discovers the root of his rebellion – a desire to have sex once more before his wasting disease makes it impossible. So Julie seeks the services of a roadside prostitute. The result: a genial René, an outraged administration, and a queue of patients outside a certain rocking caravan. DV technology allowed the film to be shot in the actual home, with a number of the patients taking roles. Breaking taboos around sexuality and disability, NATIONALE 7 is a humanist film with a strong sense of humour, and deserved winner of a string of Audience Awards at major festivals. An interesting comparison with Lars Von Trier’s THE IDIOTS.

96 minutes

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