Directed by Chino Moya

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Chino Moya’s debut feature Undergods places viewers in a foreign futuristic world, though sadly one that feels more familiar every day. The film’s narrators manoeuvre through a deserted, crumbling, greyish-blue city, gathering bodies as they go and sharing nightmarish stories of a long-abandoned past.

What follows is a series of narratives, overlapping and weaving through time and space with remarkable grace and ease. The threads come together elegantly as stories layer upon each other and crescendo towards a powerful, satisfying conclusion.


★★★★ “A riptide of surrealism runs through Chino Moya’s ambitious debut feature”… “you’ve got to be heartened by the film’s commitment to originality.” Phil Hoad, Guardian

“There’s barely a frame of the film which wouldn’t stand on its own.” Wendy Ide, Screendaily

★★★★ “A nightmarish modern folktale of the strangest and highest order. Highly recommended” Radio Times

★★★★ “A cool and creative dystopian nightmare” The Hollywood News

★★★★ “Undergods is a thoroughly entertaining, thought-provoking watch with striking visuals, a killer soundtrack and a harrowingly human message” The Upcoming

★★★★ Charles Gant, Heat

★★★★ “Moya has created a modern anthology movie like no other, full of great performances and its own unique style” Nerdly

★★★★ “Undergods is a darkly crafted movie that had me gripped from the start” Karen Woodham, Blazing Minds

92 minutes


Country of origin:
Belgium, Great Britain, Spain and Sweden

Year of production: