Un Franco, 14 Pesetas

Directed by Carlos Iglesias

TV actor Iglesias turns début writer-director to recount this story of his childhood, when thousands of Spaniards emigrated to North Europe to escape unemployment and poverty in Franco’s Spain. In 1960, Martín (director Iglesias) and Marcos (Gutiérrez) leave behind their families in Madrid to seek a wage to send home. Switzerland confounds their expectation, with its freedoms and its open, bright spaces. Despite the inevitable cultural misunderstandings, they find work and settle in to enjoy their new lives. But when Martín’s wife and son and Marcos’ girlfriend María suddenly arrive to join them, it becomes apparent that some are better suited to this new life than others. This gentle comedy deals with an episode of Spanish history rarely portrayed yet with significant contemporary resonance. Nominated for the Best New Director Goya.

96 minutes


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