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UK Premiere/ Viaje a los pueblos fumigados + Post Screening Discussion

Ever since his epic documentary La Hora de los hornos (The Hour of the Furnaces) (1968), Solanas has used his considerable filmmaking talents to campaign for social justice, to champion the underdog, and to rail against abuses of power in his native Argentina. He now takes his aim at mass corporate agriculture, with characteristic passionate outrage at the environmental and human catastrophes he discovers. From the clearing of ancient forests, to the indiscriminate fumigation with pesticides that poison land and people, Solanas crosses the country with furious determination to reveal the detrimental impact of agribusiness. He finds plenty of shocking evidence of harm, but he also encounters inspiring examples of social resistance, of ecological alternatives, and of hope for a healthier, better food system in the future.

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Join us for a post-screening discussion led by Alison Criddle, HOME’s Projects & Sustainability Coordinator, following the screening on Wed 27 Mar.