UK Premiere/ Vasil

Directed by Avelina Prat

Vasil is a street-homeless Bulgarian immigrant in a well-heeled Spanish town. Intelligent and charismatic, through his talent for chess and bridge he makes a name for himself at an exclusive and prestigious club in the city, despite being homeless. Taciturn retiree Alfredo offers his sofa to the young Bulgarian and a classic odd-couple friendship develops, though they seem to share little in common beyond their passion for chess. Vasil slowly breaks down the barriers put up by Alfredo, because Vasil has a gift: he makes a difference to the lives of people he connects with.

Avelina Prat’s debut feature is a heart-warming and gentle drama that highlights socially and politically relevant topics around economic migration, privilege, discrimination, community and human connection.

Also screening as part of the Language Lab on Sat 18 Mar.

93 minutes

Bulgarian and Spanish

Full English

Country of origin:
Bulgaria and Spain

This screening has no adverts or trailers and starts at the advertised time