In the year 9177, give or take a thousand years, the whole world has been reduced to just one Representative Building and the grimy outskirts inhabited by the unemployed. The World Building occupants include a petulant King of Spain; a General of the Guardia Civil; two barbers; a liberation theology monk and a fascist priest; and a group of rebellious youth devoted to Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset… Meanwhile, in the filthy fringes, one poor creature decides that by selling very tasty homemade lemonade in the Representative Building, another world is indeed possible.

Acclaimed filmmaker Cuerda returns to the absurd and irreverent humour of cult classic Amanece, que no es poco (1988) with this delicious slice of satire and Python-esque humour. You’re in for a treat!

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99 minutes

Translated title:
Some Time After


Full English

Country of origin:
Portugal and Spain

Year of production:

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